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Amazing Selfoss Waterfall

In the northern part of Iceland, there is magnificent and beautiful waterfall Selfoss. The waterfall is situated on glacial river Yёkulsau-au-Fёdlum, the picturesque national park Yёkulsaurglyuvur. During spring floods its width is 100 meters and the height is about 11 meters. Rapid river originates in a glacier, so the water level depends on the volcanic activity, the time of year and the weather. So, if you like nature photos, and amazing waterfall, this is the place for you. Take a look, and enjoy!


Kawah Ijen – Amazing Volcano With Blue Lava

Kawah Ijen – is part of the complex Ijen volcano in East Java, Indonesia. At night, the volcano becomes illuminated in electric blue light mountain mystical light begins to rise from the depths of the crater. High-temperature liquid sulfur resulting from the lake, flashes blue flame, reaching 5 meters in height. This is truly an amazing thing, since blue lava isn’t so common. So , if you like nature photography, and blue lava photos, this is the right place for you. Take a look, and enjoy.


Planet Earth Will Take Your Breath Away If You Let It

We may not realize it all the time, but we’re extremely lucky to live on Earth. It has so many beautiful sights that anyone can see if they take the time to explore.


14 Incredible Examples Of Nature’s Power

Nature is a force that humans just can’t match. It is impressive, powerful, fascinating and sometimes, incredibly beautiful. People all across the world try to capture these unique forces. Here are 14 of the very best.

1. “Mothership” Cloud


Stunning Photos of the Eruption of the Volcano

There are so many magnificent things you can see in nature, but, there are few of them that can really take your breath away. Today, we are presenting you with one of them – the eruption of the volcano. Volcano eruption can be really frightening, but, at the same time, it can be truly magnificent. An amazing Chilean photographer Francisco Negroni managed to capture the most amazing volcano eruption photos of Cordon Caulle, from a couple of years ago, and he did an amazing job. So, if you like amazing nature photography, as well as erupting volcano photos, this is the place for you. Take a look, and enjoy.


Magnificent Lavender Fields

Somerset is a small place in England, that is widely famous for their amazing lavender fields. For about 10 days a year, when the lavender is in a full bloom, anyone can enjoy in breathtaking view, smell, and the overall feeling. Lavender has always been a symbol of freshness, lovely smell, and amazing visual effect, so there is no wonder people really like it. So if you like lavender fields photos, as well as the nature photography, this is the right place for you. Take a look, and enjoy.


Majestic Rising Moon At Joshua Tree

Sun rising can be the most amazing thing in the world, and this is the perfect example of it. This amazing sunrise is at the national park Joshua tree, and it’s really spectacular. It is just amazing that some nature photography can look this awesome, and it’s really magnificent. So, if you like nature photos, or amazing nature photography of perfect nature, this is the right place for you. So, take a look, and enjoy.


Abandoned House In Detroit Brought Back To Life With 4,000 Flowers

When you find some abandoned house in the middle of some forest or town, you think that there is mess inside the house. This house proves to us that some abandoned places in nature can be really amazing and beautiful. When you peek inside this abandoned house you will see the pure beauty of nature in some different way and you will love this house.